Zishaan Akbar Latif has been an independent photographer since 2005 and an independent videographer since 2011.

His style is intuitive, passionate, personal and sometimes eclectic.

Having no formal training, yet being able to work in many genres in the field, the art of making a photograph thrills him and thus releases him from preconceived notions of visual imagery or expectations from the various schools of thought.

He loves working with different textures, formats and art forms, even using the art of motion picture in his personal and professional bodies of work.

His work has been featured in both commercial and non-commercial collections, exhibitions and publications worldwide.


Published in : NY magazine, Private magazine (Italy), The Times (London), BusinessWeek, The Daily Telegraph (Australia), The Australian, The Sun (Australia), The Hindustan Times (India), The Times of India, Agenda magazine (India), The Economic Times (India), The Sunday Guardian (India + England), OPEN magazine (India), TimeOut magazine (India), Deccan Herald, The Hindu, Better Photography, Verve Online, Wall Street Journal (NY), Mid-Day, Hindustan Times HT Café, Mumbai –Mirror, Mumbai Boss online, Platform Magazine (India), PIX magazine (India).